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Abstract visual in purple, black and blue representing the software company digetiers.Spice

Our software company

We build your way into your digital future by delivering digital products, services, enterprise applications & platforms that excite users. 

From the initial idea to running in DevOps-Mode, our extensive knowledge in building future-proof enterprise applications & platforms, digital products & services helps you make a calculated leap into becoming a digitally enabled business.


We take a value-oriented approach, always. Our team understands the impact their work has on the future of your success and thus makes their decisions with the same accountability as you do.


As digetiers.Spice we’re a part of digetiers. – a German management consultancy, focused on helping the champions of today become the champions of a digital tomorrow. Together we deliver digital transformation from strategy over organizational change to implementing enterprise software, digital products & services.

Abstract visual of digetiers.Spice services.

How we work.
Products, not projects.

Working with us you will quickly realize that we don’t just think in projects, we think in products and focus on the outcome. We will agree on the scope and deliverables beforehand, but instead of just working on what once was decided, we work with our clients in an agile way – the target is fixed, but based on every piece of new insights we generate along the way, the next steps may be adjusted from sprint to sprint.


Don’t be afraid of costs getting out of hand! Our wide-ranging experience allows us to estimate the effort to reach the target very accurately, even if the specific features haven’t been defined yet.

Abstract visual of digetiers.Spice services.

We speak business
not just tech.

To match your product owner/project lead, we have a dedicated product owner on our end, too. He takes responsibility for the value the product creates as if we were developing it for ourselves.


Our architects and tech leads directly interact with your tech team to ensure we fit into your existing environment perfectly. During the process of building software, we aim for full transparency – closing communication gaps is a major success factor in agile software delivery.


If you come to us with a target we’re not sure is achievable with today’s software solutions or within your specific environment, we always advise you to make an MVP (minimum viable product) or PoC (proof of concept) first. This helps ensure you don’t start a large implementation project to only end up with a solution that’s not solving the problems it’s supposed to solve.


If you have an idea for a new digital product or service but haven’t had the chance to actually validate it yet, we’ll help you gather customer feedback as quickly and early as possible. This will let you steer clear of investing large amounts of money into charming ideas that do not meet substantial goals.

We stick to five basic principles 
when working with you. 


We focus on business value,
not tech-fanciness.


We clearly define the challenges as early as possible.


We take responsibility and hold ourselves accountable.


We put the user in the center of every decision we make.


We communicate frequently and transparently.

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Behind the scenes

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